Name Phone E-mail Address Position
Erin Barry-Dutro 410-706-2764 Administrative Assistant
Natalie Demyan 410-706-1113 Research Analyst
Sierra Edwards 410-706-3432 Information Reporting Specialist
Michael Funk 410-706-0442 Programmer
Alyssa Gross 410-706-5601 Senior Research Analyst
Al Guy 410-706-4390 Training Specialist
Lauren Hall 410-706-2763 Assistant Research Director
Jamie Haskel 410-706-7310 Director, Center Operations
Jay Hood 410-706-2765 IT Director
Westley Johnson 410-706-5204 Accounting Clerk
Letitia Logan Passarella 410-706-2479 Research Director
Tamiko Myles 410-706-4402 Information Reporting Specialist
Kathy Patterson 410-706-4404 Research Supervisor/Web Master
Nikol Shaw 410-706-4402 Information Reporting Specialist
Lance Spicer 410-706-5104 Database Engineer
Somlak Suvanasorn 410-706-5201 Programmer

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