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Reports are free of charge, and may be downloaded from this page.

Long Term AFDC Recipients: Experiences in the First Years of TANF (August 2001)
Melinda L. Cordero, Pamela Caudill Ovwigho, Catherine E. Born
 This brief examines long-term AFDC recipients and their experiences with cash assistance participation and employment under both AFDC and TANF.

Setting the Baseline: Child Welfare Entries Among AFDC Exiters (July 2001)
Pamela Caudill Ovwigho, Katharine L. Leavitt, Catherine E. Born
  This report studies the relationship between welfare exits and child welfare entries under the Aid to Families with Dependent Children (AFDC) program and attempts to determine more accurately the impacts of welfare reform, if any, on child welfare.

Setting the Baseline: Patterns of Recidivism in Maryland Under AFDC (July 1998)
Catherine E. Born, Pamela J. Caudill, Melinda L. Cordero
  This study examines 453 women who, during the nine-year period from first receipt in 1987 to May of 1996, exited AFDC at least once and remained off welfare for 30 days or more, to determine which characteristics differentiate recidivists from non-recidivists.

Key Characteristics of New AFDC Payees: Does the 1987 Profile Still Apply? (October 1994)
Catherine E. Born
  This report tries to determine whether key client characteristics identified in a 1987 study of first-time AFDC recipients remain the same in 1994.

First-Time AFDC Recipients in Maryland: Who Are They?
(November 1990)
Catherine E. Born, James P. Kunz
  This report examines a cohort of 575 families entering the AFDC program for the very first time in 1987.

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